Ioannis Prelorentzos

Professor of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

Contact Information

Τel. (office): 210 727 7548

Ε-mail: iprelore@philosophy.uoa.gr

National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University Campus, 15772 Zografou, Athens, Greece


 Curriculum Vitae



  • 1986-1992 PhD in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV). Thesis Title: «The concepts of time, duration and eternity in Spinoza’s work».
  • 1985-1986 M.A in the History of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV).
  • 1981-1985 B.A in Philosophy, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


Research Interests

  • History of Philosophy
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy (especially Socrates and Plato)
  • Early Modern Philosophy (especially Descartes and Spinoza)
  • 17th and 18th Century Theories of Emotions
  • 19th and 20th Century French Philosophy (especially Henri Bergson, Vladimir Jankélévitch, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Gilles Deleuze)
  • Philosophy and Literature


Published Books

  • Temps, durée et éternité dans les Principes de la philosophie de Descartes (1663) de Spinoza, collection «Travaux et documents du Groupe de Recherches Spinozistes», no 6, Presses de l’Université de Paris Sorbonne, Paris 1996 (in French).
  • La durée chez Spinoza. Seconde partie: La théorie de la durée dans la pensée spinoziste, Atelier National de Reproduction des Thèses, Lille 1994 (in French).
  • René Descartes, The Passions of the Soul, Preface-Introduction-Translation-Bibliography: Yannis Prelorentzos, Kritiki, Athens 1996, 20172 (in Greek).
  • Platon, La République (Livres VI et VII), Translation Yannis Prélorentzos & Tiphaine Karsenti, philosophical analysis, translation comments, annotated glossary, index of main names and bibliography Yannis Prélorentzos, collection «Classiques & Cie», Hatier, Paris 2007 (19921, 20002) (in French).
  • Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution, Translation: Kostis Papagiorgis & Yannis Prélorentzos, editing-appendix Yannis Prelorentzos, Polis, Athens 2005, 2016.2 Appendix: «The revival of interest in Henri Bergson’s Philosophy», pp. 349-527 (in Greek).
  • Gilles Deleuze, Bergsonism, Introduction-Translation-Annotations-Addendum -Bibliography-Glossary: Yannis Prelorentzos, Scripta, Athens 2010. Second edition, with a new Preface, in 2019, Gutenberg, Athens 2019 (in Greek).
  • Knowledge and method in Bergson, Evrasia, Athens 2012, 20162  (in Greek).
  • Philosophy and literature in France 1930-1960, Papazisis, Athens 2016, reprint in 2021 (in Greek).
  • Philippe Sabot, Philosophy and Literature. Approaches and issues of a question, Introduction-Translation-Annotations: Yannis Prelorentzos, Gutenberg, Athens 2017 (in Greek).
  • About the Scottish Enlightenment. An exemplary reference study. On the occasion of the treatise of Dionysis Drossos, The noble commerce of sympathy, Barbounakis, Thessaloniki 2019 (in Greek).


Edited Books and Journals

  • Les genres de connaissance et leur mise en oeuvre dans l’Ethique (Alexandre Matheron Séminaire 1994-1995), C.E.R.P.H.I., École Normale Supérieure de Fontenay/Saint-Cloud, D.A.T.A., Yannis Prélorentzos & Vincent Régnier (éd.), issues 29 & 30, 1999 (in French).
  • Politics of rationalism. Ten studies on Descartes, Yannis Prelorentzos & George Faraklas (eds), Axiologika, special issue no. 1, Exantas, Athens 1999 (in Greek). (https://pasithee.library.upatras.gr/axiologika/issue/view/160)
  • Conflict, hostility and law, Ioannis Strangas, Yannis Prelorentzos, Ioannis Sarmas, Theodoros Mavrommatis, Charalabos Palaiothodoros, Dimitrios Pyrgakis, & Michail Tsapogas, (eds.), Vol. no 7, Proceedings of the Hellenic Society of Legal-Philosophical and Legal-Historical Research, Sakkoula/ Nomos Verlag/ L’Harmattan, Athens/ Thessaloniki/ Baden-Baden/ Paris/ Turin/ Budapest 2015 (in Greek, German, French, and Italian).
  • Dia-logos, issue 9, Papazisis, Athens 2019, pp. 163-282: Proceedings of the Conference «A Philosophical approach to the phenomenon of social non-reproduction», which I had organized in May 2018 in the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Psychology, University of Ioannina (in Greek).
  • Act, hazard and law, Ioannis Strangas, Yannis Prelorentzos et al. (eds.), Vol. no. 9, Proceedings of the Hellenic Society of Legal-Philosophical and Legal-Historical Research (in Greek, forthcoming).


Translations (from French into Greek)

  • Luc Vincenti, Education and freedom. Kant and Fichte, (trans.): Yannis Prelorentzos, Patakis, Athens 1997.
  • Benjamin Constant, Adolphe. The red notebook. Cecile (novels), Kastaniotis, Athens 1998.
  • Francis Guibal, «Cornelius Castoriadis: The creative power of the imaginary», Synhrona Vimata, issue 109 (1999), pp. 29-40.
  • Jean-Marie Beyssade, «The Cartesian classification of the passions», Filosofias Analecta, Vol. 1, issue 1&2 (2001), pp. 75-84.
  • Pierre-François Moreau, «Passions in the classical age. A general questioning», Dodoni, Part Three, Vol. ΛΒ΄, Ioannina 2003, pp. 33-48.
  • Gilles Deleuze, «A return to Bergson. Author's Preface in the English language version of Bergsonism», Dodoni, Part Three, Vol. ΛΕ΄, Ioannina 2008-2010 [2012], pp. 247-250.
  • Bertrand Binoche, «Law and conflict: prevention, institutionalization, instrumentation», in the Hellenic Society of Legal-Philosophical and Legal-Historical Research, 5th Interdisciplinary Tutorial of Philosophy and History of Law with subject «Conflict, hostility and law», Athens 2014, pp. 34-46. A shorter version of the French original with a summary in Greek, was published in Ioannis Strangas, Yannis Prelorentzos, Ioannis Sarmas, Theodoros Mavrommatis, Charalambos Palaiothodoros, Dimitrios Pyrgakis, & Michail Tsapogas, (eds.), Conflict, hostility and law, Vol. no 7, Proceedings of the Hellenic Society of Legal-Philosophical and Legal-Historical Research, Sakkoula/ Nomos Verlag/ L’Harmattan, Athens/ Thessaloniki/ Baden-Baden/ Paris/ Turin/ Budapest 2015, pp. 629-639 (in Greek, German, French, and Italian).
  • Christophe Grellard, «Desire, representation, assent: Jean Buridan's theory of action», Dodoni, Third Part, Vol. ΛΣΤ΄, Ioannina 2011-2013 [2015], pp. 203-226.
  • Émile Bréhier, «Philosophy and literature» (chapter 14 of his book Transformation of French philosophy, Flammarion, Paris 1950, pp. 189-198): third appendix of my book Philosophy and literature in France 1930-1960, Papazisis, Athens 2016 (in Greek), pp. 463-480.
  • Philippe Büttgen, «Contemporary Problems of the Philosophy of Religion: The Second Performance, or the Religion», Dodoni, Third Part, Vol. ΛΖ΄, Ioannina 2014-2015 [2016], pp. 151-171.
  • Frédéric Worms, «For a Critical Vitalism: The new problem of the living beings and the contemporary French philosophy», translation- annotations Yannis Prelorentzos, Dodoni, Third Part, Vol. ΛΗ΄, Ioannina 2016-2017 [2018], pp. 227-244.


Selected Journal Articles and Book Chapters

  • «Difusión y recepción del spinozismo en Francia desde 1665 hasta nuestros dias», in Atilano Dominguez (ed.), Spinoza y España (Almagro, 5-7 Noviembre 1992), Ediciones de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, «Estudios», Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha 1994, pp. 87-105.
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  • «Anatomy and control of the passions of the soul in the moral philosophy of Rene Descartes», Axiologika, special issue no. 1, Exantas, Athens 1999, pp. 185-213 (in Greek)  (https://pasithee.library.upatras.gr/axiologika/article/view/1234/1110)
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  • «Aspects of the thought and the multifaceted work of Panagiotis Noutsos from Ellinoaustralia (1996) until today», Proceedings from the scientific symposium in honour of professor emeritus Panagiotis Noutsos, Papazisis (in Greek, forthcoming).
  • «Des passions cartésiennes aux affects spinoziens: convergences et écarts», Proceedings from the scientific meetings for Descartes and Spinoza which had been held at the University Aix-en-Provence, Presses Universitaires de Provence (forthcoming).
  • «Critical dimension and emancipatory aspects of literature in the philosophical work of Gilles Deleuze», in the collective volume Travelling with Gilles Deleuze, Ekkremes (in Greek, forthcoming).
  • «Versions of “aporein” and “thaumazein” in French philosophy: from Descartes and Bergson to Gabriel Marcel, Deleuze and Hadot», collective volume Thaumazein-Aporein-Philosofein, Papadopoulos (in Greek, forthcoming).



  • By decision of the Prime Minister of the French Republic, I was awarded, on January 1, 2015, with the title of «Knight of the Order of Academic Palms» (Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes académiques), due to my contribution to the French culture [Official awarding of the title, by the Director of the French Institute of Greece Mr. Olivier Descotes and by the President of AMOPA Hellas Mr. Christodoulou, at the French Institute of Athens, on June 2, 2015].
  • I was Chercheur associé of «Centre d’Histoire des Systèmes de Pensée Moderne» (CHSPM – Equipe d’accueil 1451), Université de Paris 1 – Sorbonne, UFR de philosophie, 17, rue de la Sorbonne, 75231 Paris Cedex 05, FRANCE
  • I was an elected member of the Administrative Council of the International Philosophical Society “Société des Amis de Bergson”, from November 2014 to November 2018.
  • I have evaluated a number of articles with philosophical content, which were proposed for publication in scientific blind peer reviewed philosophical publications (Axiologika, Ariadne, Nefsis, Philosophia, Ethiki).
  • Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (autumn 2014).